Dunkel Bier. What is it?

Most people think of beer and they picture a golden lager with a nice white head. Even my beer rating icon plays along with this stereotype (I admit it), but beers really do come in all shades. Well my friends, I have a little secret to let you in on, Guinness isn’t the only dark beer out there, in fact, some of the best ones, are german.

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First we take Manhattan…

then we take Berlin… err well in this case, Brooklyn.

What’s all this about now, you ask? Well I made a New Year’s resolution. Unlike many people’s resolutions which involve drinking less, or eating better, mine involves drinking more and having a constant supply of baked bread (ie pretzels) and meat (aka wursts and bratens). I’ve decided to take on all the german biergartens, bars and restaurants in the five boroughs and surrounding counties of the tri-state area. All this in the course of this year. To counter the possible massive weight gain this might cause I have also made a more standard resolution to run at the gym more.

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